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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

U-KISS's Soohyun was sexually assaulted overseas?

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U-Kiss’s Soohyun had just had his first kiss with the 31-year old married comedian, Jang Youngran. In a recent filming of “Poker Face”, he has revealed that he had been sexually assaulted before.

U-KISS had been overseas performing at a concert. The airport was completely packed with fans as he was leaving. He confessed that he felt someone touch his butt. At first, he brushed it off as one of his members joking around. However, he was shocked when the hand slipped under his pants. He had looked to see who it was, and saw a woman with her hands in his pants grinning at him.

Seems like he had quite an experience! The episode of “Poker Face” airs on the 5th. Are you curious to see if he’ll expand on what happened?


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