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Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Hello Guys !
This is Nazyrah. Nice to meet you all . I hope that you guys always visit Korea Precious even though this site just take news from other websites. Yes,im Kpop fans. Actually,this site was build because one of my bestfriend Imaf. She wants to bring all Korean News just for Korean Fans. But too bad,she is no longer active to post news in this blog.
My favourite Korean artist is FT ISLAND ! YES,im really crazy about them ! and Jonghun's my lover HA-HA - HA XDD. *FAINT* But I still like other kpop artist too hihi,
The important is enjoy our news and don't forget to visit our blog often XD


  1. who's the girl band in your banner?

  2. who's the girl group pictured in your banner?

  3. wooaaa!!!!your blog was very awesome!!!i love it.....!!!add me erkk!!!

  4. wow! so cool~ ;)
    i'll visit ur blog often...
    haha...Khun's Wife -jia- ;D

  5. its new for me

  6. Hey guy! I like your blog, keep up your work!!!!

  7. I love ft island too >___< supports tis blog~~~

  8. I Really Am i inlove with SNDS, Super Junior, Shinee, 2pm, Wonder girls, Miss A, & More.
    I loveeee Korean Singing Groups SO MUCH!
    Its like a addiction now!
    The more i lsiten to them, the more i really Wanna
    meeett them. i hope i do one day!

  9. Hi, my name is Julian. I am inform you to let you know about gathering all CONCERT Demanding by fans.
    The K-pop artists are dying to know how much they are wanted where and by how many.
    Until now, flash mobs just recorded their gatherings and put the footage on Youtube. But Qbox goes further and gives detailed information as to which musician is wanted in each region. In order for them to hold concerts, such data is essential. And Qbox just does that - giving them required information.
    Thank you.