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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Korea Precious : Will be not update anymore

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

[PHOTOS] Big Bang Seungri: -Love Song

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[PHOTOS] HQ Big Bang G Dragon endorsing Nikon ‘DSLR D5100′

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[Pic] KARA Goo Hara visited her brother at Army

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IU nearly did a plastic surgery for her nose

IU confessed that she thought about getting rhinoplasty in the past.

A preview from the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Night By Night” played a clip of IU’s confession as she revealed she even visited a cosmetic surgeon’s office. “My company didn’t want me to get surgery,” she said. “But I wanted to get plastic surgery so I begged them.”

She continued, “I have a small and flat nose, and it’s always been a complex of mine. I asked my company before my debut, and I visited a plastic surgery clinic. They told me that I had such thin skin that if they raised my nose, it would only be raised 1mm. I was disappointed and just came back without getting the procedure.”

IU also talked about her scandal with 2PM’s Wooyoung, her love interest from KBS2TV’s ”Dream High“.

She laughed, “We had an uncomfortable relationship [because of the scandal]. There were rumors that I followed him around because I liked him. I also found out that the 2PM members knew about this rumor, and that’s why they started to view me in a weird way.”

She then added that they got past the awkwardness and became close friends.

Stay tuned for more details when “Night By Night” airs on the 4th!

Source: Newsen, TV Report via Nate

4minute reveals album jacket photos from “4MINUTES LEFT”

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Co-Ed Taewoon will make his drama debut in the MBC weekend drama 'Can You Heart My Heart?'

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Taewoon, member of the hybrid group, Coed, will make his drama debut in the MBC weekend drama, "Can You Hear My Heart?".

His agency revealed on the 3rd that he'll be playing the role of a businessman in the drama, "Can You Hear My Heart?" beginning in the 6th episode and continuing on.

The representative continued, "The female sub-unit 5dolls, also were cast in the new drama 'Best Love' as the girl group Candice, but following, Taewoon will be the first Coed male member to have an acting debut."

Taewoon said, "My first time acting, and even though I'm not close to perfect, I've worked hard practicing acting and have been watching a lot of dramas since I was young," he said charmingly.

Meanwhile, "Can You Hear My Heart?" is about the love story of Cha Dongjoo (Kim Jaewon), a man who is now deaf after an accident but pretends he can hear, and Bong Woori (Hwang Jungeum), a woman who’s intelligent but pretends she’s an idiot to protect her mentally handicapped seventy-year old father.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique - #1 Source to Coed School
co.ed NEWS taewoon

T-ARA Qri have a boyfriend?

free image hostingT-ara Qri, "Until most recently I contacted my boyfriend"

Qri, a member of T-ara, was discovered to most recently have a boyfriend.

On the April 3rd episode of the family variety show, MBC "Bouquet", one of the members' mothers appeared along T-ara and the panel had to play a game and decide who's member the mother was.

The mother of the T-ara member said, "My daughter has introduced me to more than three of her male friends up until now. But she's only dated one as far as I know."

Kim Jungmin asked the members, "Who was the one who most recently dated a boyfriend," in response the members all pointed to Qri.

Qri, who seemed embarrassed at first said towards the other members, "The difference is only a day or two," which drew in laughter from the members.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

T-ARA Soyeon said “I heard that Lee Joon has severe obsession”.

free image hostingSOURCE: TV Daily
ABM Blog post by msshady @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

T-ara’s Soyeon reported some entertainment news on the April 2 episode of KBS2 ’100 Points Out of 100′ that made MBLAQ’s Lee Joon panic.

During the ‘Young Writers Talk’ corner about “Unexpected romanticists”, Soyeon stated a crucial piece of information, “I heard that Lee Joon has severe obsession”.

She also added, “He had a girlfriend when he was a trainee. I heard that if she doesn’t pick up his call, he would leave up to 140 missed calls.” Lee Joon was taken aback by this statement. The real protagonist of this report, Lee Joon, couldn’t justify himself so he finally confirmed the truth of Soyeon’s statement.

Upon hearing this, Kim Shin Young teased, “Did you buy a telescope to observe her?”. She ended by kicking and non-existent ball with Joon’s head on it and shouted “Bye Joon”, evoking an explosive reaction from the viewers.

MBLAQ’s Seungho’s high school nickname has been revealed to be “the devil”.

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SOURCE: Newsens
TRANSLATION: xuaaan@AbsoluteMBLAQ, chenmo@MBLAQChina
ABM blog post by liliceprincess @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

MBLAQ’s Seungho’s high school nickname has been revealed to be “the devil”.

On 3rd April’s episode of KBS2TV’s “Dream team season 2″, Seungho and F.CUZ’s jinon revealed their unique relationship.

MC Lee Chang Myung introduced Jinon as “someone who knows seungho well”. Jinon then elaborated that “Seungho hyung was my senior in Anyang Arts high school, with the nickname of “the devil”.

He also added “I have experience in gymnastics”. Heo Hyung Hwan then responded, saying “That seems to be true. Even when talking, he has got his arms crossed behind his back.”

Seungho who saw that scene quickly commanded jinon, “Put your hands down!” , and Jinon did it as commanded causing the cast to laugh.

CreBeau Cosmetics will be taking strong legal measures against fans who allegedly spread false rumors about the company.

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CreBeau Cosmetics, the company that many believed to be at the center of the lawsuit between members of TVXQ, has announced they’ll be taking strong legal measures against fans who allegedly spread false rumors about the company.

CreBeau Corporation has charged some of these fans of spreading rumors on not only internet blogs but also various types of internet communities. Some of these rumors by the fans include that the company was a ponzi-scheme, that it manipulated stock prices in the millions of KRW, and that it used unverifiable and harmful substances in its products. For those fans who deleted their posts, the company withdrew pursuing charges against them. However, the others were faced with fines of over 2,000,000 KRW (approximately 2,000 USD) and are facing a civil lawsuit.

Furthermore, last year, the public prosecutor concluded that CreBeau was not responsible for the lawsuit between members of JYJ and SM Entertainment.

Despite this, however, some malicious fans are still writing false rumors on internet portals and communities. Additionally, they have translated them into English, Japanese, Chinese and other languages, and as a result, damaged CreBeau’s reputation not just in Korea, but in markets abroad.

An affiliate of the company said, “Up until now we have obtained sufficient evidence and the number of people (against whom we will take legal action) is significant. We have finished the legal review along with retaining an attorney. We cannot leave alone such acts and people such as– acts of writing/posting false rumors and have them spread around and not deleting them voluntarily; those people who posted false rumors drafted by others; acts of not deleting their own writings even though they have been spread by others; and acts of compulsively writing malicious replies; amongst others. On this legal action, we will have these people bear all responsibilities available under civil and criminal law.”

Source: News Wire via Daum
Credit : Allkpop