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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Suju Shindong and Donghae are still awkward with each other

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After being around each other for more than six years, it would be a reasonable assumption that Donghae and Shindong of Super Junior would be close to each other. However, surprisingly, during Super Junior's show "Super Junior Foresight", Shindong revealed that he and Donghae were still rather awkward with each other.

As the MC, Shindong, to the surprise of many, confessed that while there aren't really many arguments among him and a lot of the other members, there are at times somewhat strange atmospheres between them, and the awkwardness is more pronounced during the times where he and another member are alone together. He explained, however, that he has had the most experiences of strange atmospheres with Donghae.

Shindong's rather shocking admittance caused people to question the group's relationship with one another, as one of Super Junior's pride is that all the members have joyfully resided together in their dorms for six years, with ties to each other stronger than some other idol groups. This sentiment created concerns of the relationships within the group and its potential implication of bad relationships was increased when it was revealed that Donghae and Shindong cannot only not stay alone in each others' company for a short time, but also cannot simply dine together alone.

However, much to the relief of the fans, Shindong lightened up the atmosphere by brightly leaving a video message to Donghae, stating that “We must eat together once”, causing much laughter in the studio audience.

In addition to Shindong's confession, the show segment also revealed Heechul and Eunhyuk as a "silent pair" similar to Shindong and Donghae. Because Heechul and Eunhyuk are so awkward with each other, they have only eaten just once together. Meal time for the two is basically simply eating without any talking. After speaking of the awkward dining scenario, they decided to re-enact it on the TV, which once again caused the audience to laugh at their antics.

Source: SapphirePearls & BNTNews

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