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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

SUJU Leeteuk almost debut with SMILE

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Leeteuk recently revealed that that he debuted with Super Junior with the help of composer Joo Younghoon.

On MBC Every1 “Super Junior Foresight,” Joo Younghoon came out as a guest. While talking about his various hit songs, Leeteuk disclosed the fact that he had received a song from Joo Younghoon before his debut with Super Junior.

He further went on to say that nine years ago, him and fellow Super Junior member Donghae were to debut in a 5 member group, “Smile.” In order to debut well, he said that he personally went to Joo Younghoon to ask for a song. However, because the light melody dance song “Fox Gap” was not appropriate for their title song, their debut was delayed.

Credit: BNT News, koreaboo

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