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Saturday, 5 February 2011

After School’s UEE selected as popular idol among the male idols.

free image hostingOn SBS Lunar New Year special program “Idol King”, idols flew together from Seoul to Thailand. Just before the plane took off, There was a mini couple selection to sit with each other. and UEE had the most number of votes.

The male idols have to approach the female idols and ask, “Is this seat taken?”. Female idols need to sat still and answer the boys’ question.

First, Bigbang’s Seungri proposed to 4Minute’s Hyuna. Then followed by SHINee’s Minho who proposed Kara’s goo Hara, and 2PM’s Chansung proposed T-ara’s Hyomin.

But the most popular is “Healthy Beauty” UEE. Park Jungmin and SHINee’s Onew selected UEE, but UEE picked Onew instead of Park Jungmin. 2AM’s Jinwoon also wanted to sit next to UEE. Once again, UEE dumped Onew and selected Jinwoon over Onew.

Source : Nate News
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