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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Secret Sunhwa was chosen as the female idol with the most beautiful skin

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Secret's Sunhwa, After School's Kahi and Nana, and T-ara's Hyomin and Jiyeon were contestants on KBS2TV's "Healthy and Beautiful Idol". Out of the six gorgeous ladies, Sunhwa was chosen as the female idol with the most beautiful skin.

It was revealed that Han Sunhwa's skin is that of a youthful 12 year old, which is 10 years younger than her true age. People on the program believed it to be a lie, but it was indeed true. Doctor Shim Kyungwon explained that "Han Sunhwa hardly has any visible pores or blemishes and her skin tone is so bright that it's close to a baby's skin." Sunhwa confidently added that she might receive a call for a (cosmetics) CF after the show airs, making the studio burst in laughter.

On the other hand, Hyomin was chosen as the idol with the most unhealthy skin. Hyomin expressed her disappointment and confessed that she was not in good condition on the day of the skin examinations. She has also been busy with her schedule and hasn't been able to sleep much, which doesn't help her already sensitive skin.

This contest show attracted 7.7% viewers when it aired on the 2nd of February.

Source: SSTV
Credit : Allkpop

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