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Friday, 14 January 2011

Hyun Bin enter miliarty in this March and volunteered to join the marine corps

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Actor Hyun Bin was planning on entering the military in March, and it was recently revealed that he’s volunteered to join the marine corps for his military duty.

Hyun Bin has filled out the applications, and had his interview over the holiday season. His company representative said that they were waiting to hear whether the actor was accepted or not. The rep added, “His closest friend went to the marine corps; I think that was his biggest influence.”

After winning the “2010 SBS Best Actor Award“, Hyun Bin reflected, “Next year, I think I will be away from the people who are here. Thank you for giving me an award before I head off into the army at such an old age. It will be a time of self-reflection. I will return as a more mature actor.”

With the finale of his drama, “Secret Garden“, inching ever nearer, many fans are looking forward to his last efforts as an actor before he enlists.

Source via Money Today

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