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Saturday, 17 July 2010

ZE:A's KwangHee said 'Im the only one member in ZE:A had done plastic surgery'

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ZE:A who recently made a return with their Level Up mini album has revealed that he had left ZE:A for almost a year after Star Empire Entertainment disallowed his request to do plastic surgery.

Kwanghee expressed that he had been depressed because he had no confidence about his appearance (looks). And he got more anxious with the group’s debut drawing near. But when he asked for permission to do plastic surgery, Star Empire insisted firmly, “Absolutely not. Go to another company if you want to do plastic.”

He then left the company for almost a year. But he then agonized over giving up on his dream to become an artist and decided to ask for a second chance, even going down on his knees before he was let back into the group.

Finally he expressed that he was sorry to his members, “I am the only member in ZE:A to have this plastic surgery experience. So I am sorry to the other members for having plastic surgery allegations being spread about them too.”

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