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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung said sorry to his fans for excessive gambling

On the 7th, right before his upcoming Japan concert, vocalist Shin Hye Sung met the public and said, “I’m truly sorry about disappointing those who loved and cared for me by doing something really stupid and behaving in a way I should not have.”

He explained, “I thought taking a break would be the best thing to do so I tried to delay the release as much as possible but it still seems to have been released pretty quickly. Even after releasing I did not feel very comfortable about it.”

Last year, Shin Hye Sung took some time off after the incident and returned to fans with a more mature form of himself. He again apologized to fans and close friends for his actions and truthfully revealed, “This was the most fearful and scary time for me throughout my 12 years as a celebrity.”

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