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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

KARA Han SeungYeon gets her driver’s license

KARA Han SeungYeon gets her driver’s license and will end the life as an individual who can only public transportation.

It is known that Han SeungYeon has passed her driving examinations. She has received her driver’s license 2~3 days ago. Han SeungYeon has been living as an individual who only rely on public transportation. Currently taking the theatrics study in GyeongHee University, Han SeungYeon is known to be one of the celebrities with the most fulfilling campus lifestyle. And previously she has been taking public transportation or have been relying on her friends and families.

An official told Newsen on 8th June, “Han SeungYeon has recently received her driver’s license. Previously it has been rather inconvenient for her as she has to rely on public transportation or her friends and family to commute to school. It is especially inconvenient since KARA’s popularity has been rising and it is hard for her to take public transportation.”

The rep added, “She can now move from place to place with ease upon receiving her driver’s license. She is also driving with caution.”


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