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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ukiss Kibum and SS501 Hyung Joon 'Piro Piro' will be ship to international

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HnB Company recently updated its website, informing fans that "Piro Piro" will be made available internationally. "In March, once the PiroPiro website has been upgrated, domestic and overseas orders can be done via the message board. Meanwhile, orders will be accepted via e-mail."

According to the website, international orders will ship for 15,000 KRW (approximately 13.50 USD) a box, which can hold up to one face cushion and two neck pillows, or up to six neck pillows.

Those who wish to purchase a "Piro Piro" should send an email indicating the buyer's name, recipient's name, shipping address, and preferred methods of contact. In addition, HnB Company asks that those who are interested in purchasing please include the current exchange rate.

credit: PiroPiro + Only Jun +

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