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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sweet Potato will be leaving WGM? Rumor

Pictures “foretelling” YongSeo couple leaving WGM is attracting many fans’ attention.

On the 24th, pictures “foretelling” YongSeo couple to leave WGM were uploaded on an online community.

The reason for such “foretelling” pictures is none other than photographer Lee Jaeho. It was said that whenever he appears in a TV program, someone from that program leaves the program.

Photographer Lee Jaeho had appeared on ’1 Night 2 Days’ and ‘Qualification Of Men’. After his appearance, MC Mong left ’1 Night 2 Days’ while Kim Sungmin left ‘Qualification Of Men’.

In the episode of WGM aired on the 19th, the preview showed YongSeo couple taking wedding pictures. In the preview, photographer Lee Jaeho made an appearance.

Fans who noticed this commented “The end of YongSeo couple seems to be approaching…” and “Please, not WGM.”

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Source: fanwonder

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