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Sunday, 20 February 2011

SUJU Choi Siwon bought a handgun for practise

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Super Junior Choi Siwon revealed an extraordinary effort he had done for his transformation as actor.

On February 17 on the broadcast of SBS “Night’s TV Entertainment” (MC Seo Kyeongsuk, Song Jihyo), Choi Siwon said “Before the filming of Athena : Goddess of War started, I bought a handgun”.

He said ,” I bought a handgun which has the same weight and feeling like in the drama.” “I had practiced (it) diligently, but when I entered the real filming, I didn’t use handgun but a (long-barreled) rifle”

“Athena : Goddess of War” which Choi Siwon is staring in it will end after the broadcast on February 21.

Translated by ♥~pinkninja @
Thanks to LacusClyne for the heads up

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