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Monday, 28 February 2011

Kim Taewon recently had surgery for carcinoid tumor.

Kim Taewon recently had surgery for carcinoid tumor. The scenes from the doctor's diagnosis and the other members' feelings were recorded for next week's episode of Qualifying Men. In the preview for the next week's episode, the show aired an interview they had with Kim Taewon and fellow Qualifying Men member Yoon Hyungbin.

Yoon Hyungbin said, "I hope he gets better, I'm worried. If he sees this on air, he'll be surprised.." He stammered slightly, but continued, "I didn't think carcinoid tumors were a big deal, but lots of people called and texted me about it. And I thought about it and it's... Well, it's... cancer."

The preview also included the doctor diagnosing that Kim Taewon had cancer cells in his esophagus. Kim Taewon confessed, "Just the word "cancer" itself was so heavy to me. It felt like the sky

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