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Monday, 28 February 2011

Beast Yoseob cleaning a fan's scribble off a wall

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After reprimanding B2ST’s sasaeng fans for their irresponsible behavior via Twitter, Yoseob took direct action by cleaning a fan’s scribble off a wall.

On February 26th, B2ST’s manager tweeted, “Please don’t make our Yoseob suffer!” and uploaded a picture.

In the picture, the idol is shown wearing rubber gloves and cleaning various scribbles on the wall.

On the same day, Yoseob tweeted his sasaeng fans “Keep scribbling away“. His reaction is a result of the sasaeng fans showing too much love for the idol.

Sasaeng fans often belong to idol groups, and they follow and stalk their favorite members by using taxi as a mode of transportation. They have caused many problems and have even been reported in the news.

B2ST’s Yoseob is taking the first step to encountering this big problem.

Source: Star News

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