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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

B2ST Maknae Dongwoon was accepted in Konkuk University

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Earlier, we announced that B2ST’s maknae Son Dongwoon was accepted in Konkuk University as an image and film major. Now it’s been revealed that he’ll be joined by actor Lee Jong Suk (22), who is also aiming for a film degree.

According to Lee Jong Suk’s agency on the 31st, he took his qualification exams back in November and received news of his acceptance. Despite the tough competition for the department, he was able to surpass others during the regular application period.

A representative of the agency said, “Lee Jong Suk who has a passion for acting like no other, has prepared himself through his activities. He’ll take intense film-related courses.”

It was also revealed by his ageny that the star has been receiving endless phone calls of congratulations for his acceptance into Konkuk University since the news went public.

Lee Jong Suk garnered everyone’s attention by playing the role of genius composer ‘Sun’ in the recently-ended drama, “Secret Garden.” He is currently looking over scripts for his next role.

Source: Star News
Credit : Allkpop

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