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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Yang Hyunsuk's said 'I know my artist are always imitating my voice'

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyunsuk’s voice is infamous as YG artists are always imitating his voice in a high, nasally and comic way. Yang Hyunsuk said in an interview:

“My artists are always imitating me, so of course I would watch the shows they’re on. They never do this in front of me but when I see them imitating my voice on shows, I think ‘Ah! So they always fool around like this’ and ‘Ah! So my tone is like this’. I’m not unhappy with the imitations, in fact I find it very interesting.”

He also said that he likes PSY and Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Seungri’s imitations the most, stating:

“When I saw G-Dragon and PSY imitating me on a show, I thought it was very similar and very funny. Seungri imitated my voice at last years YG Family concert. It was very well done.”

Source: StarMT via Baidu
Translations: koreaboo
Credits: Big Bang Updates

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