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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tony An's father passed away

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On January 25th, representatives of Tony An’s agency, TN Entertainment revealed that his father (70) had passed away earlier this morning after battling cancer.

He was recently admitted to the intensive care unit at Seoul National University Hospital due to his worsening conditions. An was said to have stayed by his side, despite his busy schedule.

An once briefly talked about his father on a broadcast program, and revealed, “My father is currently in the intensive care unit and is in severe condition. Even while coming out to film today, I wondered whether it was okay for me to laugh and have fun like this on air. It feels so wrong as his son.”

A representative of his agency stated, “Tony An always emotionally prepared himself, but he has fallen into great sorrow at the notice of his father’s sudden death.”

His father’s wake will be held at the Asan Medical Center.

Source: SPN, Newsen via Nate

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