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Monday, 31 January 2011

Kim Kyung Jin's mother want her son to become a doctor but turns to be a comedian

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Ever wondered who is the smartest comedian? Well recently, Kim Kyung Jin nabbed that title for himself after it was revealed that he was a straight A+ student.

On the upcoming broadcast of “100 Points Out of 100,” Kim Kyung Jin arrived on-set with a special guest – his mother! During a discussion about children and bragging parents, Kim Kyung Jin’s mother proudly showed off her son’s grades and scholarship receipts to the rest of the studio.

All the grades on his report card were straight A+’s, and he received full scholarships for 4 years. Not only that, but he has also acquired many certificates from the various competitions he attended.

Shocking everyone there, Kim Kyung Jin immediately became ranked as a “Mother’s friend’s son” (a term often used by Asian parents when they compare their child with their parents’ friend’s child who is perfect in every way).

At that time, Kim Kyung Jin’s mother truthfully revealed, “I didn’t even dream that Kim Kyung Jin would become a comedian. I wanted him to become a doctor.”

Source + Picture: Star Today

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