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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Infinite's ringtone album 'TO-RA-WA' gets number 1 in Japan

The seven member idol group, INFINITE, has hit Japan with a bang.

INFINITE debuted their first single, “TO-RA-WA“, in Japan on January 26th. Within a day, the song leaped to #1 on the daily charts of the K-POP section of Japan’s top mobile website, ‘‘.

Also, on the J-POP daily chart that tracks the overall popular songs, INFINITE placed 19th – only seven spots behind DBSK/TVXQ, who placed 12th. With popularity usually depending on time spent in the market, the rookie team is showing their power through the rankings.

The song “TO-RA-WA” is the same as “Come Back Again” that INFINITE released in Korea – with only a title change.

Even though it was their first debut single, the fact that INFINITE was able to float to #1 on ‘’, which is a service provider in association with major record labels in the Japanese digital music market, is an impressive feat. This surprising result is gathering much interest and expectations for INFINITE from the Japanese music market.

In addition, INFINITE has made contracts for Japanese promotions with CCC, the parent company of Star Records – a large music retail chain. The group is also developing large and thorough promotions through TV, newspaper, magazines, radio, and other media outlets.

INFINITE is planning to showcase in Tokyo on April 2nd, and they plan to captivate the Japanese fans with their powerful choreography.

Source + Photos: Osen

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