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Friday, 14 January 2011

JYJ's Junsu said 'I had a female celebrity that I liked'

JYJ’s Junsu made an appearance on YTN’s “News & Issues – Issues & People” on January 12th, and shared a candid interview with the MCs on set.

free image hostingHe began with an interesting story about being hit on: “A long time ago, there was a person who called me and expressed her feelings for me through the phone. She is a celebrity. There was also another person who is a part of a girl group.”

When the MCs tried to get their names, he avoided answering with a short laugh.

He continued, “Honestly, I had a female celebrity that I liked, but I wasn’t able to date her. I have to like that person a lot in order for me to date her. Physical looks and personality is also important for me as well.”

When asked to compare himself to his role in “Tears of Heaven,” Junsu replied, “I don’t think lightly of love at all, since sincerity is the most important to me.”

When asked about the happiest and most difficult times of his life, he stated, “All my life, there have been so many joyful, but also difficult, days. The hardest times for me were the past two years. After going through so much, the past two years allowed me to reflect over the issues I could’ve just ignored. I like to think of it as a study of that chapter in my life, but with a positive mindset.”

Regarding his lawsuit with SM Entertainment, he replied, “Losing those around me hurt the most.” With red eyes, he continued, “But I’ve also earned people who were willing to stick by me through the hardships and give me their support.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum, Newsen via Daum, Asia Economy via Naver

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