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Friday, 14 January 2011

Big Bang Gdragon read Seungri text messages

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GDTOP has showed how good orators they can be in variety shows in SBS 'Night after Night' which was aired on 10th.

When asked about why he has to check the messages that Seungri receives, GD said, "I am afraid that he would make mistakes and I don't know why I am worried although we live together."

Then, he elaborated, "there was once when we went out to play, that was when Seungri has just be been admitted into university, I checked the photos in his phone. Then I knew that he had a lot of good looking friends. Taeyang joked that Seungri should introduce a girl to him. After we had said that, Seungri started sending message to the girl very swiftly."Everybody was curious after GD told this story.

After grabbing his phone back from GD, Seungri took a cute picture of himself and sent it to that girl. GD then saw him receiving a message in which she said ,'I really want to bite you.'

GD further explained, "it is okay if the story ended here; however, Seungri sent back 'you can bite me for sure to her afterwards. For the sake of preventing such kind of stuff from happening again, I have to check his messages from time to time." Everybody bursted into laughter after hearing his account.

Chinese translation: jiayi
English translation: Rice @Bigbang WORLD

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