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Monday, 17 January 2011

Infinite fan club name is 'Inspirit'

Hello. It’s Woollim Ent.

Many fans participated in the voting for the official fanclub name.

Throughout the 4 fanclub names, Inspirit has been chosen as the final candidate, and we’re going to have a vote to check if your feelings are yes or no, on it’s usage.

The votings will be for two days (17th~18th) and if the voting rate goes over 70%, we will let you have a final selection.

How the voting will take progress:

You can vote through the ‘Official fanclub name voting (공식 팬클럽명 투표)’ on the left side menu bar.

Inspirit (인스피릿)- A word that combined Infinite’s ‘in’ and the word ‘spirit’, which means vitality and mind.

Thank you.

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