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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Boice said to Big Bang's Daesung "please move your face out a little bit"

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A debate amongst fans has recently broke out after allegations of fans of CN.Blue’s Yonghwa tellingBig Bang’s Daesung to “please move your face out of the way a bit” were brought up. There is a debate amongst fans of Daesung and Yonghwa because of the controversy.
On the 10th according to Asia Today, screenshots of an online community were taken where fans left their testimony of what happened at the recording of SBS’s “Night After Night”.
A fan under the ID *** said,

“We couldn’t see Yonghwa…so we whispered to Daesung-goon to move his face out of the way a little~ but…I guess he heard it~“. Another fan said, “Daesung-goon we’re sorry if you were surprised when we asked you to move but it was funny~~ just laughing“.

To this furious fans of Daesung protested for the comments left and Yonghwa’s fans then continued,“‘Daesungah’s face is a little’…I should have stopped there“, increasing the fight to 3 times it’s size.
Netizens expressed their opinions as well, “I went to Yonghwa’s gallery and the fans there really do have this kind of notion” “Why is it that those people on Yonghwa’s gallery don’t stop Yonghwa’s fans from creating such notions of themselves“.
However other netizens replied with, “Such an irrelevant article is only going to make things get ugly here“, and “this is an anti-yonghwa plot!“.

Source: nate

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