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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

After School's Kahi is preparing for her solo debut

After School’s Kahi has been postponing her solo debut since late last year, but her agency has finally confirmed that they’ve got an end date in sight.

On January 4th, a representative of Pledis Entertainment revealed to TV Report, “The overall concept of the album is done. Kahi will be making her solo debut before After School’s official comeback.”

The reason for the delay was revealed to be Kahi’s inability to pick a suitable title track. Aside from the title track, the album is nearly complete. To allow Kahi more time to better perfect her album, Pledis had Orange Caramel come back earlier than planned, which was followed by a charity album promotion involving the whole group. With the group’s promotions already complete, Pledis found little reason to to delay the album any longer.

The representative continued, “Although she has yet to choose her title track, she will definitely be making her solo debut by February, before After School’s comeback this March.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Daum

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