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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Supernova live concert at Yokohama will be released as a 3D Movie

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Via tokyohive:

Korean group Choshinsei (Supernova) held a fan event at Kudan Kaikan on December 20th, and at the event, they announced that their first Japanese best album, “SUPERNOVA BEST“, would be released on January 26th.

They also announced that their live concert at Yokohama Arena ,which will be held on December 21st, will be released as a 3D movie. The 3D movie will be watched in 15 theaters across Japan, and it will start on March 26th.

The leader of the group, Yunhak, said that he wants to hold a live concert at Nissan Stadium the year after next, and to do so, he would work hard next year. Yunhak also said that he wishes to top the Oricon chart as well.

Source & Photo: Sanspo +allkpop

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