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Sunday, 15 August 2010

MBLAQ Mir and KARA Hara,investigated the relationship between GO and After School Jooyeon

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On the August 6th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth’, MBLAQ guest-starred to help the G7 members (Narsha, Goo Hara, Hyomin, Sunhwa, Victoria, JooYeon, and Sori) gather farm crops.

A “pink” atmosphere between the MBLAQ members and G7 appeared.

MBLAQ’s G.O showed an active image by doing a ‘rifle dance’ from the very beginning to indicate his feelings. G7, who saw this dance, all stated that “they were the ones to receive it”, but the one he was gesturing to was After School’s JooYeon.

G.O stated, “We’ve known each other for quite a while”, and the ‘Invincible Youth’ members joked, “Are you guys long-time lovers?”.

As she began to get pulled into this strange relationship with G.O, Jooyeon clarified, “We’re friends ever since trainee years”, “It’s been three years”, but G7 and the members of MBLAQ, who wouldn’t leave them alone, went out to make the the relationship between the two bigger.

Mir said to JooYeon, “If you want to catch G.O, right now is the best time”, and made the atmosphere even stranger.

After this, Goo Hara and Mir said to Jooyeon, “We really think you guys are dating”, “How many times do you talk to each other on the phone”, attacking her with questions. When Jooyeon was unshaken, Mir said, “G.O is the most popular”, and Goo Hara stated, “Our members also like G.O oppa the best”, making her jealous.

Finally, Jooyeon answered to the question, ‘Who does MBLAQ like most out of G7′ with, “G.O probably likes me”, and got teased by Goo Hara and Mir.

On this broadcast, MBLAQ and G7 went out to gather eggplants and tomatoes together.

SOURCE: Nate News
TRANSLATION: ilovepocky@AbsoluteMBLAQ
ABM Blog Posted by: justpeachyx21 @ ABM

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