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Sunday, 22 August 2010

KARA Gyuri's mother didnt suffering from cancer

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Rumors circulating around stating that Kara's Gyuri's mother is currently suffering from cancer have been proven to be false by both SBS and Gyuri herself.

SBS's promotional team ignited the rumor when they reported, Kara's leader, Park Gyuri's mother Park Sohyun appeared on 'Star Junior' and revealed that she had suffered from cancer. When she was sick, Gyuri was preparing to become a singer and did not tell her, so she wrote a will. "However, this was disproved by SBS later on when they explained that Park Sohyun had mistaken some of the health problems she had been experiencing for cancer.“ later on when she went through an inspection, it was found that she was in fact, dealing with stomach ulcers.

This was confirmed by DSP Entertainment, who stated, "It's a shame that completely false information has become known. It was simply that she thought she was experiencing symptoms of cancer, but were just stomach ulcers."

Park Sohyun herself had been planning to come out as an artist just like her daughter; thankfully, cancer won't be in the way of her career plans.

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