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Friday, 2 July 2010

KARA Nicole and MBLAQ Thunder together for their new variety program

On the show, the two shared, “After you select your favorite program genre, first watch the show with Korean subtitles, then with English subtitles, and finally watch it without any subtitles. Because we watched these programs in this manner, we started to gradually use English as well…If you regard English as a fun subject, rather than a hard one, you probably will be able to cultivate your English skills easier.”

In addition, the PD hinted at more guest appearances as he stated, “We believe that the cheers and advice of idol stars will greatly encourage the children [to learn English]. Singer Rain’s famous English teachers Lee Yoon Jin, Oh Sung Shik, and CulTwo’s Jung Chanwoo are also expected to be cast as English mentors to help kids learn English through fun know-how’s.”

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