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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Before HyeRim Joins WG,she's the one of the member in Miss A

Recently, in an interview with Newsen, Miss A revealed that “ Before HyeRim join Wonder Girls as their new member, she is ready to debut as one of the member in Miss A”. Before Jia and Fei debut, including HyeRim and other trainees, they prepare to debut together this summer. In the music industry, they have a nickname called “ China Wonder Girls “ that have helped them to gain some popularity.

Jia and Fei said “ before debut, a few members including HyeRim prepare to debut in a group”,”After HyeRim joined Wonder Girls, current member Min and Suzy joined us.”

Miss A, a multinational Girl Group which consist of Korean members, Min and Suzy and Chinese members, Jia and Fei were being trained by JYPE, but they signed their contract with JYPE sub label, AQ Entertainment. They will soon be comparing with JYPE’s representative girl group, Wonder Girls. Now, there’s already fans discussing the pros and cons of Wonder Girls and Miss-A’s who are working under the same company.

In regards to this, Miss-A smile and states that “ We din’t take Wonder Girls as our competitors as well as our comparison opponent", “ Wonder girls is an amazing group '

Source: Newsen
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