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Sunday, 4 July 2010

2PM NichKhun serenades to f(x) Victoria.

On MBC We Got Married on 3rd July, make-believe couple Nich Khun and Victoria went to a restaurant where they ate samkyeopsal and also to a karaoke together.

And Victoria requested for Nich Khun to sing the song ‘Nothing Better’ by Brown Eyed Soul which he sang on SBS Star King. And Nich Khun sang the song even though he said that he couldn’t sing.

Victoria said in her interview on the show, “I saw him perform that once on a variety show, but I want to listen to him sing to me,” explaining why she had asked him to sing the song.

On the show that day, the 2 sent out text messages to their team mates to announce their ‘marriage’ and the reply Victoria got from f(x) Sulli was, “We had a father now.”

When Nich Khun asked why Sulli would call him an oppa, Victoria said, “Because I’m the eldest unnie, they call me by mother.”

Nich Khun had seemed shocked to know that suddenly he has gotten himself 4 daughters.


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