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Sunday, 11 July 2010

2PM NichKhun makes promised to his 'wife' 'Victoria,I wont visit clubs anymore'

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2PM Nich Khun complains with the comments by other 2PM members WooYoung and JunHo about him.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 10th July, Nich Khun and Victoria were having a date in Seoul HongDae to celebrate their ‘marriage’ when WooYoung and JunHo paid them a visit.

WooYoung had told Victoria on the show, “Nich Khun is a club maniac.” And Victoria asked, “So does Nich Khun just drink at clubs?” WooYoung then answered, “He goes straight to the stage.”

Nich Khun then defended himself, “WooYoung was just joking. I don’t mix around with girls. I just dance with the guys.”

And when Victoria said that she doesn’t like going clubs, Nich Khun reassured, “I won’t visit clubs anymore.”

Meanwhile, during the interview on the show that day, Nich Khun talked about WooYoung’s comment on him going to clubs, “I want to beat him.”

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  1. I did not know he was married .....sad face