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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Wonder Girls Yoobin said 'When Park Jinyoung is drunk,he can eat a whole chicken'

WonderGirls YooBin reveals Park JinYoung’s eating habits.

On KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June, Park MyungSoo had asked the girls, “Does JinYoung bring you all to good restaurants in New York?” Ye Eun revealed, “We go often. But we eat with Park JinYoung and the food comes in little portions, we will have to go for another meal amongst ourselves again after that.”

YeEun also revealed that Park JinYoung is a vegetarian, “He usually only eat seafood. And he don’t eat steak.” Also YooBin added, “But when Park JinYoung is drunk, he can eat a whole chicken.”


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