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Friday, 4 June 2010

Park EunHye 'Arent' BEAST is the group that Rain produced'?

Actress Park EunHye from popular MBC morning drama ‘Pink Lipstick’ gets a cold shoulder from colleague Lee JooHyun when she refers to idol group BEAST as, “Aren’t they the group Rain produced?”

On MBC ‘Happy Day’ aired on 2nd June, the crew had made a visit to the filming site of ‘Pink Lipstick’ and the cast (Park EunHye, Seo YooJung, Lee JooHyun and Kim YeongRan) was featured having a meal together in the waiting room. Light music was playing in the background and the filming crew asked, “Isn’t this like music that is played during lunchtime in school?” Park EunHye then said, “During our time, it is music by Lee SeungHwa, Shin SeungHoon, and Blue Sky.”

Lee JooHyun then said, “Noona is really old. For me, it’s Big Bang, T-ara, After School etc…” Park EunHye then commented, “Recently, BEAST is popular~ But is BEAST produced by Rain?

Lee JooHyun then started laughing, “The group that Rain produced is not BEAST but MBLAQ. By this, unnie seems ignorant.” And Park EunHye appeared more or less embarrassed.

S: Newsen

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