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Monday, 7 June 2010

A lucky fan received a letter from Jaebeom

Jay Park writes a letter to his fan!

A photo of a letter written by Jay Park circulated online has been garnering much interests amongst netizens. One of Jay’s fans organizing charity projects in honour of Jay has mentioned to Jay about a sponsored child Desire under the charity project.

And Jay had personally written a letter to the little boy Desire. Go under the cut to see the letter!

An email KBites received from the Jay fan Briar who organized the charity projects

I’m a fan of Jay Park who has been organizing charity projects in honour of Jay. One of our Love&Respect4Life projects involves sponsorship of underpriviledged children through World Vision who share Jay’s birthday. I wrote to Jay’s church to tell him about our little boy, Desire, and told him that if he wanted to send Desire a message, he could.

A few days ago, I received a letter in the mail with a letter to Desire from Jay, and a post-it note to myself from Jay’s father.

I believe this may dispel a few non-fans’ suspicions about Jay’s character. It also means that Jay really cares about his fans and reads the letters he gets, because believe me, mine didn’t stand out.

We’re currently sponsoring two children, our latest addition to the family, Faneli, was sponsored just after I sent the letter to Jay.

The image was released to the public about 24 hours ago, and has become the interest of many fans in Korea.


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