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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Jo Kwon and Gain 'If one of us confesses to each other,we'll date'

Jo Kwon and GaIn reveals their feelings for each other.

On MBC Come To Play aired on 7th June, the Adam Couple from We Got Married were guest appearances on the show, and Jo Kwon revealed his feelings towards GaIn.

Jo Kwon said, “I will miss GaIn noona when she goes overseas for filming or when our filming got pushed back. When I miss her, I will send her text messages. But I will also receive a text message from noona who said that she also misses me.”

GaIn then added, “Though we will meet up even if it is not for filming, it is weird that we don’t say things like this to each other. Like how the Avatars are connected mechanically in the movie ‘Avatar’, it seems the same for ‘We Got Married’. It seems that we can only meet through ‘We Got Married’.”

During the show that day, Jo Kwon also revealed, “Even if I am dating some other girl, I will not be able to go to the places I have gone with GaIn.”

And regarding his first love ‘Oh BangShil’, Jo Kwon revealed, “There were people who said that she is an imaginary character, she is actually real and had liked me.”

Meanwhile, on a corner of the show, the 2 were asked ‘If after We Got Married, and the one of them confesses to the other, will they date’ and their answer is ‘Yes’.

S:MT StarNews

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