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Thursday, 17 June 2010

2PM Nichkhun,hardcore fans in Amera took off her underwear and threw it on stage towards him

2PM's Nichkhun has met a hardcore fan in America.

In a recent video uploaded on Youtube of 2PM opening for the Wonder Girls American tour, 2PM was in the middle of singing 10/10 when a fan suddenly took off her underwear and threw it on stage towards Nichkhun. Nichkhun seemed surprised for a second but continued to concentrate on the performance along with a cute butt dance. Fans began chanting the members' names and even sang along to the song in Korean.

Throwing undergarments up on stage has become a regular occurrence in American performances such as Cliff Richard's Korean concert, where a number of college students threw their underwear on stage. 'Nichkhun's underwear event' has just become another confirmation that 2PM has a lot of popularity in America.

Regarding this, JYP Entertainment met with T-news and stated, "Different countries have different performance cultures. 2PM has safely completed their American performances and has returned to Korea. They will soon be preparing for their Korean concerts. 2AM will be the opening act from now on so we request that you give them a lot of interest."

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