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Thursday, 10 June 2010

2PM Nichkhun said 'At first I thought Junsu from Thailand'

Nichkhun of 6-member group 2PM revealed a time he mistook Junsu for Thai.

On the 8th on the 2010 World Cup Special of SBS 'Strong Heart," Nichkhun started with, "When I couldn't speak Korean well, I received a lot of misunderstanding."

According to him, when he couldn't speak any Korean at all, he memorized the phrase 'Hello, I am from Thailand.' Nichkhun said, "One day I went to the company for the first time and I happened to see a trainee who said, 'Hello, I am from Thailand.' Nichkhun said, "I was so happy to see that trainee."

Nichkhun continued, "I realized later that that trainee was Junsu, from Daegu," and "Junsu misunderstood my bad pronunciation of Thailand as Daegu and was happy to see someone from his own hometown, while I thought Junsu was from Thailand and was happy to see him," he revealed, making everyone laugh. [T/N: In Korean, 'Thailand' is pronounced 'Taeguk,' while Daegu is of course 'Daegu,' so they sound similar].

Meanwhile, 2PM is currently in America as the guests of the Wonder Girls' American tour.

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