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Sunday, 25 April 2010

After School stole 'bang' some of Nika Kljun choregraphy?

The choreographer himself posted a message via his YouTube account (FYD86) that read,

In February 2010 my good friend Nika Kljun and I made up a choreography together to Blake McGrath’s “The Night” and I uploaded it on YouTube.

About 5 weeks later I got many messages saying that a Korean girl group called “After School stole some of our moves for their music video of their song “BANG”.

They release their music video a whole month later………

Nika & me don’t know what 2 think…

One the one hand it’s cool & flattering. But on the other hand…….

What do you guys think?

Viewers on YouTube left comments like,

“This is so horrible. true dancers like you work hard at their craft while these losers suck so bad, they have to steal from youtube.”
“I think they were just very inspired by your guys’ movements because it was a really great dance =D”
“That is YOUR own choreography and hard work, and they’re trying to pass it off as their own! you and Nika should get recognition that you choreographed those moves!! :(“

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