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Saturday, 27 March 2010

T-ara's leader Eunjung "Im sorry mum,but thank you"

Eunjung’s mum had to end her music career because of her daughter and that’s why Eunjung feels very sorry.

“My mum graduated from Ewha Womans University with a music degree. When I was a child actress, she became my manager and had to give up being a piano teacher. I was unaware back then but I am very sorry now.”

“My mum called up many PDs back then, asking to give me a chance.”

“My mum was very happy after she graduated and started teaching students how to play the piano. But she didn’t teach anymore after she became my manager because there were too many things to handle. My mum would say sometimes that her heart flutters a little whenever she sees a piano. I felt ultra apologetic when I hear her say this. Because of me, she sacrificed her career.”

Eunjung who is the only daughter, expressed

“My mum only had me 10 years after she was married so it made me even sadder. But she is happy to see me acting because her ambition was to become one.”

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