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Thursday, 18 March 2010

T-ARA and Supernova hold a concert on 28th May in Japan

Maknae Jiyeon said, “I’m only in high school so it’s a pity that I don’t really get to make friends in school because of my schedule.”

Boram commented, “Because I’m a girl group member, I have to watch my diet. I really love eating so it’s stressful even when I’m eating dduk-bok-i (Korean spicy rice cake dish).”

Hyomin added, “These days, the battles between girl groups are tough. There’s a lot of stress because of that, but it makes us work harder.”

Then they were asked, “What place would you rank yourself out of the girl groups?” Soyeon answered, “If we had to pick, I think #5. You have to consider the groups that aren’t active at the moment like the Wonder Girls and 2NE1. But it’s hard to talk about who’s better than another. But in the end, we want the #1 spot.”

Leader Eunjung closed off by saying, “Thank you for all the attention you’re giving us. We will work very hard.”

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