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Saturday, 27 March 2010

MBLAQ's Mir,fear on what?

MBLAQ’s Mir has revealed his fear of needles on an upcoming episode of Idol Army Season 5.

On the show, Mir had gone on to the hospital for a health checkup, but kept resisting when they tried to withdraw a blood sample. Mir explained for his action,

“I usually never take shots.”

It was reported that MC Shin Bong Sun suffered greatly by trying to calm Mir down. She apparently held his hand and sang songs for him, but to me, that does not sound like much “suffering.”

Also, after checking his height from his physical checkup, Mir reportedly beamed with happiness and stated, “I grew.”

To this, the older members stated, “Mir is still growing, because he’s still young.”

This episode airs on the 24th!


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