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Sunday, 21 March 2010

2AM's Jokwon he likes to dance on stage

2AM's Jo Kwon confessed that after 8 years of dance training, he really wanted to dance on stage.

During their performance at Seoul's Sangamdong CJ E&M Center on the 18th, 2AM was able to showcase their dancimg skills with their first performance of their new song 'I Did Wrong' on M Countdown. This was 2AM's, who is orginally a ballad group, first dance song.

2AM was nervous because of what they believed people were expecting from their first performance. After their photoshoot in the afternoon, Jo Kwon told Star News, "Dancing is so much fun. After practicing dance for 8 years as a trainee, I really wanted to dance."

He also stated, "Seulong hyung is good, but Changmin hyung and Jinwoon never learned how to dance before. However, they stayed up and practiced for hours." "I don't know what kind of response we'll get from our fans, but we're having fun."

Jo Kwon said he was "especially happy to dance" and "I want to receive love following in G.O.D sunbae's footsteps."

And finally he stated, "Of course, dancing while singing live is not as easy as one thinks. But while recording we were able to do our live stage well. Our singing will not be comprimised because of our dance." and "Please remember that we're new [to dancing]."

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