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Monday, 4 April 2011

Ukiss Dongho's pant was stolen by some one else

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NH Media talked about a hilarious, if not slightly disturbing incident from U-Kiss’ first comeback performance this week. It turns out that moments before the boys were to go on stage, Dongho’s clothes were discovered to be missing!

On April 2nd, representatives commented, “Right before the recording for Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ on March 31st, Dongho’s pants were stolen, which caused a chaotic scene. Because it was an emergency, we had to contact the production center and ask them to quickly make his pants again. Fortunately, we were able to complete the recording on time.”

U-Kiss’ upbeat ballad, "0330", has been earning a fantastic response from the public and is doing excellently on the charts, proving that the group’s departure from auto-tune and hook songs is working in their favor.

“Bran New Kiss” ranked first on album charts and is even receiving orders from overseas.

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