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Monday, 4 April 2011

T-ARA Hyomin said she was a ex g.o.d fans before

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While guesting on MBC’s “Bright Night of Memories“, T-ara’s Hyomin explained that she was a hardcore fan of g.o.d’s. In fact, she was such a huge fan that her parents had to intervene.

During her school days, Hyomin and her friends would get together to compare photos of their favorite idol group. As a rare fan of lead vocalist Kim Tae Woo, she pulled out a new postcard of his face. To her horror, however, she and her friends discovered that there was a very noticeable pimple in the photograph.

She stated, “Right after school, I got home and gathered all my dyes and pigments to fix the photo, but when my parents saw that I was playing around those things instead of doing my homework, they took away all my g.o.d-related stuff. In the end, I had to stop being a g.o.d. fan.”

Source + Photo: Newsen

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