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Sunday, 3 April 2011

INFINITE's Sungjong waist only 24-inch !

free image hostingINFINITE’s Sungjong recently revealed a waist line that some girls would kill for.

The idol appeared as a guest on March 29th’s “Strong Heart”, where he told stories about his girlish looks. Sungjong revealed, “When I was little, a lot of people were not able to tell whether or not I was a girl, so there were misunderstandings. I think it was because of my natural 24-inch waistline and milky white skin.”

His castmates couldn’t suppress their shock over his waistline measurements. Gag woman Jung Ju Ri commented, “24? When I am 28?” Realizing that she revealed her size, Jung Ju Ri quickly regretted, “I shouldn’t have said that,” causing the guests and audience members to laugh.

Sungjong also confessed, “Before, I didn’t grow facial hair so it was comfortable not shaving; recently though, I have undergone some changes. I have to shave once a month.”

Hearing Sungjung’s story, MC Lee Seung Gi exclaimed in surprise, “Isn’t shaving once a month too little? When it is bad enough for me, I shave twice a day.”

Fellow MC Kang Ho Dong then teased Seung Gi’s comment as he said, “Are you saying that you are ‘Beast Seung Gi then?” and caused the studio to fall into laughter.

Source: Newsen, MyDaily via Nate

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