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Sunday, 3 April 2011

FT Island 'SATISFACTION' will be used as the ending so for the anime 'Toriko'

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FTIsland’s new Japanese single “SATISFACTION” will be used as the ending song for the anime “Toriko”, which is slated to air on Fuji TV in April.

According to FTIsland’s management company, “SATISFACTION” is an upbeat rock song, that blends in with Lee Hongki and Lee Jaejin’s vocals as well as Song Seunghyun’s rap. It matches well with the anime’s ending video perfectly. Of all the many singers, FTIsland is the only Korean band who is singing the ending theme for a Japanese anime.

“Toriko” gained popularity through the weekly magazine Boy Champ and became a manga series. It tells the story of how a gourmet travels around the world in search of ingredients for his very own cuisine. This anime will start airing on 3rd April.
On the other hand, FTIsland’s new single “SATISFACTION” will release on 20th April.

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  1. 2PM will also be singing in the ending song of Ao No Exorcist. so i think that FT Island isnt the only korean group singing an anime EP.