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Friday, 11 March 2011

ZE: A First album call 'LOVABILITY'

Album title: ZE:A [Children of Empire] first full album "LOVABILITY"
Album tracklist: 12 tracks

01. Intro
02. Here I am ★ (title track)
03. Again..
04. Mazeltov
05. 하루종일 (All day long)
06. Be My Girl
07. Love Coach
08. 이별드립 (Bad talk sad/Separation drip)
09. New Star
10. Man 2 Man
11. Special Day (For ZE:A's)
12. Here I am (Instrumental)

Time of online release: 2011.03.17, 12:00AM
Released on: all music sites

Offline release : 03.17 (simultaneous release of limited/regular editions)
Albums versions: Limited/Regular edition

[Limited edition] : 100p pictorial + miniposter + album in special case

+ photostory of ZE:A from before debut to 2011 (60p)

+ ZE:A[Children of Empire] fan club card - manual scheduler

+ one photo sticker

[Regular edition] : 100p pictorial + miniposter + album in special case

* Manual book, photostory and manual scheduler can be purchased a la carte in the future,
Online sites on which limited edition can be purchased will be determined later.

[Albums pre-order]
Websites, on which limited edition/regular editions can be purchased, will be announced separately.


We hope that ZE:A[Children of Empire] first full album (both regular and limited editions including 100p pictorial) which will be released on March 17th, 12AM, will meet the expectations of everyone.
(Places, where the limited/regular edition albums can be pre-ordered will be announced later in a separate notice).

Thank you for your interest and love for ZE:A's first full album, revealed on March 17th.

Thank you.

SOURCE: ZE:A's official daum cafe (Star Empire notice)
Translation: akucun@EmpireChildren + Nashirah@EmpireChildren

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