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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Won Bin has donated 14.5 million yen and Kim Tae Hee donated 7 million yen to the Japanese earthquake

Via tokyohive:

It was revealed on the 17th that Korean actor Won Bin has donated around 14.5 million yen (~$172,000 USD) to the Japanese earthquake disaster relief through UNICEF. Korean actress Kim Tae Hee also donated around 7 million yen (~$86,000 USD) via the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Won Bin, who has been a special representative for UNICEF Korea since 2007, stated, “I’m deeply hurt after watching the children of Japan who have lost their family or their homes. I pray with all my heart that [Japan] can overcome this disaster as quickly as possible.”

Kim Tae Hee expressed worry over the disaster in Japan, especially for the Tohoku (Northeast) region, where part of her drama “IRIS” was filmed.

Source(s): Sanspo 1 & 2

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